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Menu Plan (Sample)


1cup millet cereal*

1cup quinoa cereal*

1 cup cooked steel cut oats*

5 grain morning cereal*

1 cup Gluten Free cereal*

Nut and seed granola on goat yogurt with flax meal/sunflower seeds

8 oz. Smoothie (rice protein powder, fruit, ice, water)

Gluten Free and yeast free bread or Ezekiel bread warmed in oven with 1 tbsp of any nut butter

Apple/pear with 1 tbsp of peanut butter

1 cup of immune breakfast

   *All cereals may be sweetened with Agave Nectar or Stevia

   *You may add cinnamon, fresh berries, sliced fruit, nuts or seeds to your cereal.

   *You may add rice milk, almond milk, or oat milk to your cereal.




Salad with 4 oz of protein

4 oz of protein and raw vegetables

Black bean salad

Sandwich w/turkey/chicken/tuna/salmon, grilled veggies on Ezekiel bread with mustard or hummus*

   *All-natural chicken or turkey-Murray’s, or Applegate Farms

Gluten Free and yeast free bread with 2 tbsp of nut butter and 1 tbsp of fruit preserve

Stuffed artichoke or zucchini with vegetables and millet

Stir-fry vegetables with either 4 oz of protein or ½ cup beans

Soups with fresh greens, vegetables, beans, barley, brown rice, or kamut





Eat deep-sea fish 3times/week*

4 oz. of protein with vegetables and a choice of:

½ sweet potato, ½ cup of millet, quinoa or brown rice and vegetables (try a variety of dark greens)

Stir-fry with vegetables, protein, and grain

Lentil soup with ½ cup brown rice or quinoa

Suggestions from lunch

   *Salmon, Cod, Halibut, Mackerel, Sole






Measure out portions of ¼-1/2 cup depending on snack.


Nuts and Seeds (raw and unsalted)

Raw vegetables and hummus

Apples/pears with nut butter

Carob nut balls

Apple crisp

Kale chips

Coconut millet pudding

Freshly made vegetable and fruit juice

Protein shake



  • Eat 5 small meals through the day, watching portion sizes. 

  • Protein sources are Natural chicken, turkey, fish, or tofu.  Avoid red meat and dairy.

  • Sweeteners that can be used are stevia, agave nectar, pure organic maple syrup, and brown rice syrup

  • Drink at least 8 glasses of water through the day with fresh lemon and a tsp of cranberry

  • Exercise:  Cardio for30-40 min 3 x a week

         Strength training, which includes weights, pilates, yoga for 30 min 3x a week.

         One time a week for an hour some exercise which is considered fun….

  • It is very important to rotate foods through the week.  Try not to have the same foods every day. Have a variety of grains, vegetables, protein, and fruit.

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