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In response to Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19) 

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Tel:   203-268-1336

Fax: 203-268-1327

Office Hours

Monday:       10am-5pm

Tuesday:       10am-6pm

Wednesday: Closed 

Thursday:     10am-6pm

Friday:           10am-5pm

Here at the Center for Natural healing, we understand the growing concern over the Coronavirus disease (COVID-19) and we want you to know that we are here for you. 
Dr. Zigo continues to provide in person treatments. However we understand at this time, the need for self quarantine and social distancing in response to this Dr. Zigo is also providing easy access Telehealth appointments either on the computer or smartphone via the Zoom app. In addition she will be able to prescribe supplements that will be available to order on the Fullscript website that can be delivered right to your home. 
Due to the overwhelming response, we urge you to make an appointment to receive the best individual care. As always we accept most major insurance plans and offer flexible office hours.
Call us today (203) 268-1336 


Telehealth is defined as the delivery and facilitation of health and health-related services including medical care, provider and patient education, health information services, and self-care via telecommunications and digital communication technologies

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